Activating/deactivating air recirculation

The air recirculation shuts out bad air, exhaust fumes, etc. from the passenger compartment, by means of no outside air being drawn into the car.
P5-1507–Climate–Button recirculation
The air recirculation button in the climate view.
Open the climate view in the centre display.
Press Recirc.
Air recirculation is activated/deactivated and the button illuminates/extinguishes.


If the air in the car is recirculated for too long then there is a risk of misting on the insides of the windows.


It is not possible to activate air recirculation when max defroster is activated.

Activating/deactivating the timer for air recirculation

It is possible set whether the air recirculation timer should be activated/deactivated. When the timer is activated, air recirculation is automatically switched off after 20 minutes.

Press Settings in the top view in the centre display.
Press Climate.
Select Recirculation Timer to activate/deactivate the air recirculation timer.