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Energy distribution in hybrid drive using map data* Does not apply to India.

Updated 6/14/2021

Energy distribution in hybrid drive using map data* Does not apply to India.

The Hybrid drive mode is the car's normal mode where the electric motor and internal combustion engine work individually or together in hybrid drive. If a destination has been selected in the navigation system*, the Predictive EfficiencyCertain markets only. function distributes the electric energy consumption in an intelligent way along the whole driving distance using the map data.

Fuel consumption can then be reduced compared with normal hybrid drive when the car is first driven on electricity, to then change over to being driven by the internal combustion engine when the hybrid battery has been discharged.


If the distance to the selected destination is greater than the estimated range when running on electricity, this function distributes the electric energy for consumption that is as energy-efficient as possible for the entire distance to be travelled. This makes it possible to avoid situations where normal hybrid drive would otherwise use a large proportion of the electric energy, for example, to run electric drive at high speed on a motorway and then use the internal combustion engine at low speed in urban driving.

The greatest fuel saving is achieved when

  • the distance to be travelled begins with driving on a motorway
  • the distance to be travelled is between 50 and 100 km (30 and 60 miles)
  • the hybrid battery is fully charged at the beginning.

Conditions for the function

For the function to work requires that a number of conditions are met:

  • A destination is set in the navigation system and the driving distance to the destination is longer than the range possible only on electric drive.
  • Hybrid drive mode is selected.
  • The Hold and Charge functions are deactivated.
  • The hybrid battery is charged.

Tips for use

If the car is used for commuting to work and it is not possible to charge the car at the place of work, specify the place of work as an intermediate destination and your home as the final destination. The discharging of the hybrid battery will then take place over your runs both to and from work.

Add similar commuting routes, i.e. the route between two charging points, as Favourites in the navigation system to facilitate arrival.

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