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XC90 Twin Engine

Drive modes

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All-wheel drive

All-wheel drive, AWD (All Wheel Drive), means that the car is driving all four wheels at the same time, which improves traction.

Maintain or increase the hybrid battery's state of charge while driving.

In some situations, it can be useful to be able to control the hybrid battery's state of charge while driving is in progress. The Hold and Charge functions are available in all drive modes.

Low speed control

The low speed control function Low Speed Control (LSC) facilitates and improves traction for driving off-road and on slippery surfaces, such as with a caravan on grass or a boat trailer on a launch ramp. The function is included in drive mode Off Road.

Level control* and shock absorption

Level control regulates the car's suspension and shock absorption characteristics automatically to ensure the best comfort and functionality while driving. It is also possible to adjust the level manually in order to facilitate loading or entry and exit.

Hill descent control

Hill descent control, Hill Descent Control (HDC), is a low speed function with enhanced engine braking. The function makes it possible to increase or reduce vehicle speed on steep downhill gradients using only the accelerator pedal, without using the foot brake. The function is included in drive mode Off Road.

Electric operation range in urban environment

The car's range for electric operation depends on several factors. The ability to achieve a long range varies according to the circumstances and conditions under which the car is being driven.


Drive modes

Selection of drive mode affects the car's driving characteristics in order to enhance the driving experience and facilitate driving in special situations.