Gear shift indicator

Updated 1/31/2020

Gear shift indicator

The gear shift indicator in the driver display shows the current gear during manual gearshifting and when it is appropriate to engage the next gear for optimum fuel economy.

For eco-driving during manual gear changing, it is important to drive in the right gear and to change gear in good time.

P5-1519-XC90 Hybrid gear shift indicator in DIM

Gear shift indicator in the driver displayThe figure is schematic – parts may vary depending on car model..

The gear shift indicator is shown in gear position B. The gear shift indicator shows the current gear in the driver display and uses an up arrow to indicate when shifting to a higher gear is recommended.

To change up a gear manually, the car has to be fitted with steering wheel paddles*, the right-hand paddle (+) is then used to change up a gear. If the car is not equipped with steering wheel paddles, pressing the gear selector forwards changes to the position D.


On automatic cars, the gear shift indicator is only available on certain markets.

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