Speed limiter

Speed limiter*

Updated 7/23/2018

A speed limiter (Speed LimiterSL) can be regarded as a reverse cruise control — the driver regulates the speed using the accelerator pedal but is prevented by the speed limiter from accidentally exceeding a pre-selected/preset maximum speed.


P5-1546-SL rattknappar-1

Buttons and symbols for functions

NOTE: The illustration is schematic - details may vary depending on car model.


Increase the stored maximum speed or reactivate the speed limiter and resume the stored maximum speed
Activate the speed limiter and store the current speed, or deactivate the speed limiter
Reduces stored maximum speed
Marker for stored max speed
The car's current speed
Stored maximum speed


The Speed Limiter is an aid and cannot deal with all traffic, weather and road conditions.

The driver must always pay attention to traffic conditions and take action when the Speed Limiter is not maintaining a suitable speed.

The driver always has the ultimate responsibility for the car being driven safely and in accordance with applicable traffic rules and regulations, even when the Speed Limiter function is in use.


On steep downhill gradients the speed limiter’s braking effect may be inadequate and hence the stored maximum speed may be exceeded. In this case, the driver is alerted by the message Speed limit exceeded in the driver display.


A text message that the maximum speed is exceeded will be activated if the speed has been exceeded by at least 3 km/h (approx. 2 mph).

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