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Accident and Repair

Repairs That Are More Than Just Skin Deep

Unfortunately accidents do happen whether it's your fault or caused by someone else, whoever is at fault you want to be certain that your Volvo car is repaired to the very highest standard, you will also want the reassurance that Volvo's reputation for safety is not compromised.

Despite what your Insurance Company may say you are fully entitled to specify where you have your car repaired. Naturally we would recommend that all Volvo's are repaired using a Volvo Approved Body and Paint Centre where all correct repair procedures are followed and genuine Volvo parts are used.

Volvo's Approved Body & Paint network are ready to repair your car to Volvo's high safety and quality standards. When turning to an approved Volvo Body & Paint Centre, you can be certain that your car will be repaired only by trained technicians – experts on Volvo and fulfilling Volvo's high body repair competence standards.

You may not be aware that Insurance Companies are reducing costs by having non genuine parts fitted or panels repaired rather than replaced, which may compromise the cars safety integrity. With the Volvo approved network only Volvo Genuine Parts are used, ensuring that the highest safety, quality and environmental demands are met.

Thanks to the perfect fit and finish, Volvo Genuine Parts help make the job more efficient and the result perfect. Volvo Body & Paint Centres also have all the right equipment for maximum efficiency and repair quality, including a number of Volvo-specific tools. What's more, every centre contains a Volvo approved paint system and uses a Volvo approved body aligner to guarantee that your car is returned to Volvo's original specifications.

To help support our customers Volvo car UK Ltd are also pleased to provide Volvo Car Accident Assistance. This is a unique product designed to support customers in the event of an accident. To find out more about Volvo Car Accident Assistance click here.

Volvo also provide a comprehensive Volvo Car Insurance offer, specifically designed to ensure your inconvenience and costs are minimised in the event of an accident.

Find out more about Volvo Owners Insurance, the comprehensive cover designed for Volvo Owners

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