An everyday intelligence concept

 An everyday intelligence concept

Trolley iQ

Inspired by the intelligent technology found in the Volvo range, like Pilot Assist, Auto-Brake and Park Assist, we created a concept that took an everyday object, a shopping trolley, and made parking it as effortless as parking a Volvo.

At Volvo, we believe no revolution is ever too small.

The technology behind Trolley iQ was inspired by these advanced Volvo features:

Our advanced, lightweight powertrains are all about pure driving pleasure – delivering speed, performance, and refinement while using less fuel.

A crash avoidance system that provides automatic braking when the driver fails to respond to an imminent threat inspired the system that stops Trolley iQ colliding with cars.

The system that scans a parking space and then controls the steering until you’re perfectly parked inspired the technology that effortlessly guides Trolley iQ into its bay.

Winner in the Drive Car of the Year 2017 for Safety Innovation and Luxury SUV under $80k, the XC60 features world first technology that makes every journey safer and more enjoyable. Pilot Assist provides steering assistance to keep you safely in your lane, while Auto-Brake engages if you fail to react when an imminent threat is detected. With Park Assist you’ll feel like you have eyes in the back of your head.

The XC90 offers a refined driving experience and features sophisticated technology that makes every drive relaxed and stress-free. Negotiating tight parking spaces is a breeze thanks to Park Assist. Meanwhile, Pilot Assist gently steers you back into your lane if you veer off course, and Auto-Brake is an intuitive warning and brake support system designed to avoid or minimise collisions.

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