At Volvo, we have an approach that sets us apart. It’s more compassionate, more considered.

In Sweden, it’s known as omtanke.

It inspires an insatiable curiosity, and desire for improvement.
So we don’t just see cars differently - we see the world differently. 

We think deeply and divergently about everything around us, fuelling those little (and not so little) innovations to help make life more effortless. 
More caring. More sustainable.
A world that’s safer for us all.

We welcome you to try it.



How we see safety

As the inventors of the three-point safety belt, rearward-facing child safety seat and countless other innovations, it’s no secret that we’ve given safety a lot of thought. And now, through our Intellisafe technologies, your journey comes with even more peace of mind.

Our Pilot Assist feature gives you more control, with steering assistance to keep you on track, even on highways at up to 130km an hour. And with our intuitive Active Cruise Control, you can maintain a safe distance from the car in front, minimising the likelihood of an accident.

More on Intellisafe technology

There’s no such thing as a difficult parking spot with Park Assist, and with City Safety Technology including Lane Keeping Aid, Oncoming Lane Mitigation and Cross Traffic Alert, your Volvo is now intelligent enough to look out for you.

Continuously looking to improve our safety features, we've created inspiring change. Since the year 2000, the risk of being hurt in an accident when you're in a Volvo has been reduced by 50%. And it's helped bring us even closer to our vision of zero fatalities or serious injuries in, or by, a new Volvo by 2020.

Learn more about Vision 2020

Omtanke doesn’t just help us see cars differently, it helps us see the world differently. We consider how all our actions - large or small - impact the environment. In January 2018, our engine factory in Skovde, Sweden, became the first plant in Volvo Cars’ global network to reach climate-neutral status

How we see sustainability.

There are always new angles from which to view sustainability issues. Moving forward, we’ll be relying less on petrol, with every Volvo model line having an electric motor variant from 2019. By 2025, 50% of our sales will be fully electric, making us the first major automotive manufacturer to make this progressive move.

More on our electric innovations

We’ve also committed to using repurposed materials, with at least 25% of plastics in cars launched after 2025 being recycled. This is already evident in the use of eco-friendly fabric – made from recycled plastic bottles – for the floor mats of the XC40

Learn more about the XC40

Volvo Living Seawall

Sustainability is about more than efficient vehicles. Our Living Seawall initiative is a testament to our unprecedented thinking. It’s an innovation that’s currently helping to clean up the ocean, whilst simultaneously creating much needed homes for living organisms.

How we see car ownership

Volvo Electric Car Pump

Imagine a world where cars will drive themselves, and nobody needs to own a vehicle. Our first unsupervised autonomous vehicles will be in market by 2021, but we’ve already launched the world’s first car subscription service – Care by Volvo – and it won’t be long until it arrives in Australia.

Discover autonomous driving

We’ll also be welcoming Volvo On Call, to keep you connected to your Care by Volvo experience via your mobile device. With your digital key at the ready, you’ll always be in control as you warm up, locate or lock your ride remotely for added convenience.

Discover Care by Volvo

A considered approach brings a fusion of form and function to our luxury SUV range. Every facet is designed to simplify your life, with as much emphasis on comfort as there is on performance. From the 7-seat Volvo XC90, to the mid-size Volvo XC60, our SUVs are a testament to intelligent craft and unmistakable Swedish luxury. We welcome you to try it.

How we see SUVs

Swedish heart, SUV soul

Our thoughtful balance of exceptional design, performance and efficiency has seen the XC60 evolve into Australia’s most awarded luxury SUV in 2018. The XC60’s touch screen centre display and power-operated tailgate are just two examples of our considered, contemporary design.

Refined strength, elegantly crafted

This purpose-built SUV was designed with the modern family in mind, leading us to innovations like the XC90’s T8 Twin Engine and City Safety Features. We’ve even rethought the journey for your little loved ones, with an Integrated Booster Seat that folds up and down with very little fuss.

Our passion for human-centric design

Omtanke inspires innovations and designs to help improve the human experience. Our collaboration with sound technicians from Bowers & Wilkins is a perfect example. With their guidance, we designed a premium auditory experience not just for the driver, but for all seven seats in our XC90.

Infusing Scandinavian minimalism and functionality

Blending form with function, and style with purpose: this is an approach to renowned Scandinavian design aesthetics. Take the tailgate of the XC60 which opens with a simple swipe of your foot. Every feature is considered. Nothing is an afterthought.

Meet the XC60

While others clutter the dashboard, we create space. Our simple touchscreen Sensus Display is reminiscent of a streamlined tablet. This immaculately designed 9-inch centre control makes infotainment and navigation effortless with the use of touch or voice. You can command most functions with a system that’s as familiar and intuitive as the one on your smartphone.

Omntake Innovations

A compassionate, considered approach does more than inspire us build better cars, it shapes how we see the world. Omtanke drives us to solve problems of all shapes and sizes by applying our knowledge and technology in thoughtful, innovative ways.

Trolley iQ

Seeing opportunity in an everyday problem

Volvo living sea wall tile

Living Seawall

Seeing a new angle of ocean conservation