Volvo XC60 Pleasure for your senses

All-New XC60

Pleasure for your senses

From the ride to the rhythm, the All-New XC60 is a pleasure to drive.

Every detail of the All-New XC60 has been carefully designed to create an unparalleled experience for the driver. From the Drive-E engines with their effortless power delivery to the dynamically re-engineered chassis which keeps you stable whatever the road, the All-New XC60 provides a sensory experience at every turn.

Power without compromise

The All-New XC60 has compact, lightweight powertrains that give you more driving enjoyment and lower emissions. At the heart of each vehicle is a compact, turbocharged four-cylinder engine full of low-friction technology. When combined with innovations such as electrification and supercharging the results are clear – more power at your foot and more fuel in your tank.
Volvo All New XC60

Made for music

The sound system in the All-New XC60 is designed by Bowers & WilkinsTM, one of the world’s finest audio makers. Featuring a multitude of speakers, tweeters and a sub-woofer, this world-class sound system will stream your music like you’ve never heard before.

Lighter then air

Optional air suspension in the All-New XC60 offers unrivalled comfort to the driver and passengers by smoothing any bump in the road. Your car will feel lighter, and the driver, more in command.

Volvo All New XC60

Dynamic driving

Control, balance and timing are at the heart of the driving experience in the All-New XC60 - a car designed to make you feel relaxed whatever the journey. By combining chassis development, air suspension and electronically-controlled dampers, the vehicle’s dynamics can be controlled by with the scroll of a button.

The future of safety

The Volvo XC60

The next generation SUV has arrived.