Shake the world gently

Volvo shake the world gently

Shake The World Gently

They are the quiet ones, the intelligent ones. The ones who choose not to follow the masses but forge their own path. They are the quiet revolutionaries. Unassuming to most, these quiet revolutionaries don’t shout from the highest mountain to gain attention, they do so by shaking the world gently.

Meet the range

Looks great. Sounds better

The Volvo S90 packs enough treble to tremble. And if you want proof, all you need to do is pick a song and turn up the volume.

Now, you might be forgiven for not knowing what a Tweeter on Top is, but this little centre speaker minimises acoustic reflection from your windscreen, leaving you with less distortion. This speaker is just one of the 19 different speakers positioned strategically throughout the S90 – all being powered by a high-quality Class D amplifier.

Thanks to the Premium Sound by Bowers & WilkinsTM and speaker technologies woven throughout the cabin’s architecture, your ears will play witness to true audio performance.

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S90 Bowers and Wilkins
V90 cross county pilot assist

Driven by technology

Pilot Assist technology is like having your own co-pilot alongside you. It provides gentle steering inputs to automatically keep the car in its lane, a set distance behind the car in front, at speeds of up to 130km/h. Clever.

Through a network of sensors that monitor the V90 Cross Country, this luxury wagon can support, detect, and protect those inside and outside the car. Potential hazards stay exactly that: potential. Leaving you with a safer drive.

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Power on

The award-winning XC90 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid is all about power, performance and efficiency. With combined fuel consumption sitting at just 2.1L/100kms*, this 7-seat SUV can go longer on a full tank.

Choosing between petrol and electric mode – or both – means you get the best of everything. In Power mode, the turbocharged and supercharged petrol engine combines with the electric motor to deliver a mighty 300kW and 640Nm. Pure mode lets you drive in silence with zero fuel consumption or emissions for up to 43km*, while Hybrid allows the best of both worlds.

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XC90 T8 Twin Engine Petrol Electric

For the quiet revolutionaries

Some of Volvo’s greatest achievements weren’t meant to revolutionise the automotive industry, they were simply intended to better the way we drive. But revolutionise they did because that’s what we do. It’s woven throughout our innovations, which change the way we think about driving. About safety. It’s in the willingness to stare convention in the face and walk away, so that we can redefine luxury. Redefine independence. Redefine driving.

Volvo Car Australia Heritage

In 1976 Volvo Cars presented a world first in the environmental area – the three-way catalytic converter with Lambda sensor for exhaust emission control. Now used across the automotive industry, it helps eliminate more than 95% of your car’s harmful emissions.

Volvo Car Australia Heritage
Three-point seatbelt

Volvo Engineer, Nils Bohlin, introduced the three-point seatbelt into the series production of the PV544 vehicle. Instead of patenting it, Volvo Cars gifted it to every car maker. It’s estimated that it has saved over a million lives since.

Volvo Car Australia Heritage
Side impact protection

An integral part of every car’s design today, the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS), incorporates a strong structure and energy-absorbing materials. In 1994, another world-first was introduced – side-impact airbags.

The Future Awaits

Volvo Cars has a rich heritage, but it’s future is fast shaping up to be just as prosperous. By harnessing advanced technologies and applying it to real world scenarios, you’ll soon see the biggest transformation to the way we travel since the invention of the car 130 years ago.

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The fuel consumption figures are derived by testing conducted in laboratory conditions under an international framework – New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) and are meant for comparison amongst vehicles only. Real life fuel consumption figures will vary depending on driving conditions / style, vehicle conditions and options / accessories.