Enter destination directly on the map

A destination can be specified in different ways - marking with a finger on the map is one of them.

In many cases it is simplest to scroll to the desired position and tap it with your finger.

P5-1507-Icon-Navi launch fullscreen

Check first that the map view is in the maximum mode: If that button is visible on the screen - press it to maximise the map view.

Then continue as follows:
  1. Scroll the map until the desired position is in view.
  2. Press and hold the position - an icon is created and a menu opens.
P5-1507-Navi Ange mål-Klick på karta

3. Select Go here - Guidance starts.

Delete the icon.

To erase the icon from the position:
  • Select Delete

Adjust the position of the icon

To adjust the position of the icon:
  1. Tap and hold the icon, drag it to the desired position, and release.