Temperature monitoring of the charging cable

For the car's hybrid battery to be charged safely every time, the control unit for the charging cable and the plug have built-in monitoring devices for the temperature.

Temperature monitoring takes place in the control unit and the plug.


Volvo recommends a charging cable in accordance with IEC 62196 and IEC 61851 which supports temperature monitoring.

Monitoring in the control unit

Charging is switched off if the temperature of the control unit is too high. This is to protect the electronics. This may take place at a high outer temperature, for example, and/or when strong sunlight shines directly on the control unit.

Monitoring at the plug

If the temperature at the power source to which the charging cable is connected is too high, the charging current is reduced. If the temperature exceeds a critical level, charging is stopped completely.


If the temperature monitoring has automatically lowered the charging current repeatedly and charging has been interrupted then the cause of the overheating must be investigated and rectified.

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