Deadlocks means that all door handles are mechanically disengaged, which prevents doors being opened from the inside.

Deadlocks are activated with the remote control key and in keyless locking (Passive Entry)*. Deadlocks are activated with a delay of about 10 seconds after the doors have locked.


If a door is opened within the delay time then the sequence is interrupted and the alarm is deactivated.

The car can only be unlocked with the remote control key, keyless unlocking or the Volvo On Call* app (see the section Volvo On Call* app") when deadlocks are activated.

The front left door can also be unlocked with the detachable key blade. If the car is unlocked with the detachable key blade, the alarm* will be triggered. See the section "Alarm" for switching off the alarm.


Do not allow anyone to remain in the car without first deactivating the deadlocks in order to avoid the risk of anyone being locked in.

Switching off deadlocks temporarily

If someone is going to stay in the car but the doors must be locked from the outside, then deadlocks can be temporarily switched off with the Reduced guard function.

P5-1646-x90-function button reduced guard

Tap on the Reduced guard button in the centre display's function view.

Reducing the alarm level can also be selected via the centre display's top view.
Tap on SettingsMy CarLocking and select Reduced Guard.

After this, Reduced Guard is shown in the centre display and deadlocks are temporarily deactivated in the subsequent locking of the car.

In conventional locking, the electrical sockets are deactivated immediately, but when deadlocks are temporarily deactivated, they will be active for a maximum of 10 minutes after locking.

If the car is unlocked and then locked again, deadlocks must be temporarily deactivated again. Note that the alarm's movement and tilt detectors* are switched off at the same time.

The system is reset the next time the engine is started.


  • Remember that the alarm is activated when the car is locked.
  • If any of the doors are opened from the inside then the alarm is triggered.
  1. * Option/accessory.