Integrated booster cushion*

The integrated booster cushion on the centre seat in the second seat row allows children to sit comfortably and safely.

The booster cushion is specially designed to provide optimum safety. In combination with the seatbelt it is approved for children who weigh between 15 and 36 kg and who are at least 97 cm in height.

P5-1507–Safety–Integrated booster cushion correct placement
Correct position, the seatbelt must pass over the shoulder.
Check before driving that:
  • the integrated booster cushion is in locked mode
  • the head restraint is adjusted at the same height as the child's head, if possible, so that it covers the entire back of the head
  • the seatbelt is in contact with the child's body and is not slack or twisted
  • the seatbelt does not lie across the child's throat or below the shoulder
  • the lap section of the seatbelt is positioned low over the pelvis to provide optimal protection.


Volvo recommends that repair or replacement is only carried out by an authorised Volvo workshop. Do not make any modifications or additions to the booster cushion. If an integrated booster cushion has been subjected to a major load, such as in conjunction with a collision, the entire booster cushion must be replaced. Even if the booster cushion appears to be undamaged, it may not afford the same level of protection. The booster cushion must also be replaced if it is heavily worn.


If the instructions for the integrated booster cushion are not followed then the child could sustain serious injury in the event of an accident.
  1. * Option/accessory.