Using the Volvo Cars app with Apple Watch

The Volvo Cars app can be linked to an Apple Watch.


Available functions in the Volvo Cars app can vary depending on car model, model year and region. Available functions may also vary over time.
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Functions with Apple Watch

Using the Volvo Cars app you can, for example, lock the car directly from the smart watch.

If the Volvo Cars app is installed on a phone and connected to the car, the app functions will automatically be available in the smartwatch that is paired with your phone.

Functions that can be controlled from Apple Watch1:

  • Parking climate control (start/stop)
  • Car remote start (start/stop)
  • Doors (lock/unlock)
  • Find the car by activating the car's horn and/or direction indicators for a couple of seconds.
  • See estimated range
  • See car position on map

Pairing an Apple Watch with your phone

For information and instructions on how to pair an Apple Watch with a phone, as well as technical requirements for this, see the website for the manufacturer of the smartwatch.

Technical requirements

Technical requirements for version of operating system and information about compatibility for mobile models can be found on the information page in the relevant app store.

  1. 1 Available functions may vary over time.