Finding the car's identification number

All cars have a unique identification number, VIN1.

Finding the car's VIN

You can find the VIN in the following ways:

In the Volvo Cars app2

Go to the Px-2037-VOC app icon Car tab.
Select Car details.
Read under Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The dashboard

Look on the dashboard through the car's windscreen.

16w06 - Support site - VIN number
The illustration shows an XC90, but the VIN is in roughly the same location on all models.

Cars with 9" Sensus touch screen

In the car's centre display, select Settings in the top view.
Read under Vehicle Identification Number.

Cars with 7" Sensus screen

Scroll to My Car (or press on MY CAR in the centre console).
VIN number.

In the service and warranty booklet or the registration document

The VIN can also be found on the first page of the service and warranty booklet or in the car's registration document.

Applicable models

Car models up to and including model year 2019.

The range of models, systems and services may vary depending on market.

  1. 1 Vehicle Identification Number
  2. 2 Availability varies depending on market.