Problems when charging via charging box

In some cases, the charging of your car doesn't start when you have set the charging timers in the charging box. This problem occurs when you are using a charging box with smart charging functionality that isn't compatible with your car.

Recommendations to avoid the problem:

  • Confirm with the charging box manufacturer that the product supports smart charging feature compatible with Volvo cars. The model, model year and drivetrain (plug-in hybrid or fully electric) can affect the compatibility. Be sure to always provide this information when in contact with the manufacturer.
  • If you use smart charging, ensure that no scheduled charging is set via the Volvo Cars app or in the car’s centre display.
  • If you have a plug-in hybrid, set scheduled charging in your Volvo Cars app instead of using the smart charging feature in your charging box. Some charging boxes can't activate the charging function if the plug-in hybrid has been idle for some time.