Operating the tailgate with foot movement

When your hands are occupied, you can open or close the tailgate with a single foot movement under the car's rear bumper. The function is an option and varies depending on the car model.

Condensation in the rear lamps

Moisture can appear inside the lamp housings of your Volvo C40 or EC40, especially if the weather has been cold or wet.

Apple CarPlay for EX30

The EX30 is prepared for Apple CarPlay, which is a wireless feature that lets you integrate an iPhone with your Volvo. Apple CarPlay gives you access to iPhone apps, such as navigation and music, and lets you make calls and receive messages.

Digital key for EX30

The EX30 is prepared for the digital key technology and the functionality will be delivered later via over-the-air (OTA) software updates. The digital key will allow you to lock, unlock and drive your car via your iPhone or compatible Android device. Other future smart services will also be included, such as inviting friends and family to use your car by sharing a digital key. Until the digital key functionality is available, you will be able to use other keys.

Volvo EX30 app

There's a separate app for the Volvo EX30 car. It's called Volvo EX30 and you can download it for free where apps are available. The app is updated regularly, so make sure that you have the latest version on your phone.

Google Maps information about charging connectors for EX30

There is a known issue when searching for charging stations in Google Maps where it says that type 2 connectors aren't compatible with your EX30. This is nothing to worry about. Type 2 charging works with your car.

Replacing the EX30 key tag battery

You can replace the battery in your key tag when it goes flat.

Towing with your EX30

Your EX30 is capable of towing, for example, trailers and mounted bicycle racks. There are however currently some minor inconveniences when towing, which are expected to be updated in the upcoming OTA releases for your car.

Using a distance-capable EX30 key tag as a key card

Your distance-capable EX30 key tag has NFC functionality. So, if your distance-capable key has a low or discharged battery, it can be used in the same way as a key card.

Limitation of the distance-capable EX30 key tag

If a distance-capable EX30 key tag is in close proximity to the parked car for a longer period of time, the connection between the key tag and the car will go into standby mode. The reason behind this is to avoid unauthorised access to the car and to preserve battery lifetime.

Car does not shift from P

If you experience issues with the car not changing from P, there are some easy solutions that might spare you a trip to a Volvo workshop.