Service Programme Terms & Conditions

  1. Application of Terms

    These terms and conditions ("Terms") for the Volvo Cars Service Programme are valid for the new Model Year 2023 C40 Recharge Pure Electric and the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric ("BEV"). The Terms are applicable only to the specific vehicle you have purchased and forms part of the contract for sale and purchase of the vehicle. Volvo Car Australia Pty Ltd ("Volvo Cars") is responsible for the Service Programme.

  2. Period of Service Programme

    1. The Service Programme is valid for the first 100,000km or 3 years from the date of delivery ("Care Offer Period"). At the conclusion of the Service Programme, the Service Program is terminated. The Service Programme is also considered terminated when services should have occurred in accordance with the service intervals (stated in the owner’s manual and service and warranty handbook of the vehicle) and you have not delivered the vehicle to an authorized Volvo Cars workshop for Volvo Car Maintenance Service in accordance with such schedule.
    2. The Service Programme is connected to Australia and is only available at an authorised Volvo Car workshop within Australia.
    3. Volvo Cars has the right to terminate the Service Programme with immediate effect if the conditions for Volvo Car’s operations in the market change significantly due to circumstances outside of Volvo Car’s control and these circumstances significantly complicate Volvo Car’s ability to perform the Service Programme. Volvo Cars has the right to terminate the Service Programme with immediate effect if you perform a severe or repeated breach of its obligations under these Terms.
  3. Your obligations

    The service interval is the first 30,000 km or 2 years ("Service Interval"). The Service Programme shall be carried out according to Volvo Car’s recommendations. Scheduled maintenance services are scheduled based on time or annual mileage and can occur at different time intervals. For the Service Programme to be valid you must:

    1. Drive, maintain and manage the vehicle in accordance with the instructions given in the owner’s manual of the vehicle as well as its service and warranty handbook;
    2. Conduct routine checks of fluids in the vehicle between recommended service intervals and, if needed, fill up at your own expense; and
    3. Deliver, at your own expense, the vehicle to a Volvo authorized workshop for service at the Service Interval.
  4. Transferring the Service Programme

    If you sell or otherwise transfer the vehicle to a new owner, the Service Programme follows the vehicle for the duration of the Care Offer Period. Any remaining time in the Service Programme can then be used by the new owner in accordance with these Terms.

  5. Disclaimer

    Subject to the following paragraph, this Service Programme does not include any obligation of the workshop or Volvo Cars to reimburse you in any way for costs, loss of income, loss of time or other damage, caused by you providing your BEV over to the workshop, or caused by you being unable to use the vehicle during the time it has been in the care of the workshop for agreed scheduled maintenance.

    There are certain guarantees, warranties and rights imposed by law in relation to services performed under this Service Programme which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified or may only be limited to a certain extent ("Statutory Obligations"). Nothing in these Terms excludes, restricts or modifies your Statutory Obligations.

  6. Applicable Law and Disputes

    Regarding disputes concerning the interpretation or application of the Service Programme, the parties shall seek to resolve these by mutual agreement. The Service Programme is governed by laws of the country of purchase of the vehicle and the venue of any disputes will be the courts of New South Wales.