Storing radio channels in the Radio favorites app

It is possible to add a radio station in the Radio favorites app and in the list of favorites for the waveband (e.g. FM). Instructions for adding and removing radio channels are provided below.

Radio favorites

P5–1507–App-Radio favorites

The radio favorites app shows stored radio channels from all wavebands.

Open the Radio favorites app from App view.
Tap the desired station in the list to listen.

Adding and deleting radio favorites

Tap P5–1507–Phone-Favorite star to add a radio channel to the waveband's list of favorites or the Radio favorites app.
Tap Library, select Edit and tap P5P6-1917-Trashcan symbol to delete a radio channel from the list of favorites.

When you delete a radio channel from the Radio favorites app, the channel will also be deleted from that waveband's list of favorites.