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2022 pricing notice

"In the event of a change in tax rate (VAT), the price of the vehicle + transportation will include the rate of tax applicable at the time of invoicing (upon delivery of the car), which may alter the final price. Volvo Car España is not responsible for any such changes. VAT may also differ between Spain's autonomous communities. Always check the details with your Official Volvo Dealer."

Terms and conditions

Volvo Car España, S.L.U., hereafter referred to as "VCE" or "we," as the data controller, processes your personal data, which will be included in the automated data file held by VOLVO CAR ESPAÑA, S.L.U., C/ José Lázaro Galdiano, nº 6, 28036 Madrid, tax ID number B-28112142, for the purposes described below.

Volvo Car España makes every effort to ensure the veracity of the information provided on this website. Since Volvo constantly strives to improve the specifications, design and manufacture of its vehicles, these undergo continual modification. While we make every effort to keep our product descriptions and specifications up to date, this website should not be considered an infallible guide to Volvo products and services. Likewise, it does not constitute the retail offering for our vehicles.

The Volvo website is subject to constant changes and updates in every respect: prices, options, accessories and all other Volvo products. We do this to offer visitors the most up-to-date information possible. Nonetheless, Volvo offers no guarantee regarding the accuracy of the information on the website which, due to error or omission, may be incorrect or outdated. For all the latest information on our products, visit your Official Volvo Dealer.

References on this site to speed and performance should not be interpreted as an invitation to drive dangerously or at speeds exceeding the limits permitted in each country.

All fuel consumption data are in accordance with Directive 93/116/EC and have been calculated as per the test cycle used for the official exhaust emissions classification. They cannot be compared with constant speed/urban driving data and better reflect extra-urban fuel consumption.

Under normal usage conditions, actual vehicle fuel consumption may differ from that obtained in the test procedure due to driving style, road and traffic conditions, environmental factors and vehicle condition. For further information, contact your Official Volvo Dealer.


Terms and conditions governing Volvo model test drives

1. Penalties incurred by the driver for violations of the Spanish law governing road traffic, motor vehicle use and road safety adopted by RDL 339/990 pursuant to Law 17/2005 regulating the licence approved by RDL 339/990, to Law 17/2005 regulating the points-based driving licence, and to other implementing regulations, will be the sole liability of the authorised person. Volvo Car Spain will inform the competent authorities of the identity of the authorised person if required to do so.

For the purposes of the clause above:

  • If so required, Volvo Car España will provide the competent authorities with the data relating to the authorised person provided in this authorisation.
  • The authorised person states that the data provided here are true and accurate.

2. In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle or third parties, the authorised person undertakes to inform Volvo Car España and to provide all the information needed to complete the corresponding insurance claim, doing so within 24 hours of the accident or damage occurring. If the required details are not provided within this period, the authorised person will be held solely liable for the damage incurred.

3. The vehicle may not be ceded to persons other than the authorised person named in this document without prior written authorisation from Volvo Car España.

4. The authorised person must return the car on the day stated in this document or whenever Volvo Car España so requests.

5. The authorised person undertakes to maintain the vehicle in the IMPECCABLE CONDITION in which it was delivered.

6. The authorised person undertakes not to use the vehicle for purposes other than those authorised in this document.

7. All expenses incurred during use (fuel, oil, cleaning, etc.) will be borne by the authorised person.

8. The authorised person is liable to Volvo Car España for all incidents involving the car during the loan period.

9. SMOKING is not permitted in any of the demonstration or courtesy vehicles.

10. The authorised person states he/she is at least 25 years of age at the time of the test drive.

Volvo Car España Web Configurator

In some of Spain's autonomous communities vehicle registration tax is different to the amount shown in this table. In this case, the RRP will also differ. For precise information on pricing and models, contact your Official Volvo Dealer or call Volvo Customer Service on 91 566 62 37. It is possible that when certain models near the end of their sales life there may be deadlines within which to order equipment packs and options or within which to make changes after an order has been placed. Please note that the configuration selected on this website does not constitute a firm order and must be reviewed and accepted by an Official Volvo Dealer. Also note that the images and photographs on this website are for information purposes only. They may not show the precise equipment, options and accessories currently available for the model in question. We continually review and update the configurator and make every effort to always display the latest model prices and details. Your Official Volvo Dealer will provide you with precise and detailed information and will confirm all the model specifications. In compliance with Directive 1999/94/EEC, as from 1 September 2017 all new vehicles are type-approved as per the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP), the new individual vehicle test procedure used to measure fuel consumption based on the wheel rims selected. In some cases, the CO2 emissions measured as per the WLTP are higher than those previously measured under the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) criteria.

Software available for download from the website

All software available for download from the website (hereafter referred to as the "Software") is property of Volvo Cars and/or its licensors.

Use of the Software is governed by the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement, should such agreement exist, accompanying or included in the Software ("Licence Agreement"). Unless specified otherwise in the Licence Agreement, the Software may only be downloaded for use by the end user. Likewise, unless specified otherwise in the Licence Agreement, the Software may only be used for the stated purposes for which it is made available. All reproduction or redistribution of the Software in breach of the Licence Agreement is prohibited and any such reproduction or redistribution may result in civil or criminal prosecution.

In all cases, the Software warranty extends solely as far as stated in the terms and conditions of the Licence Agreement. Except to the extent, therefore, of the warranty stated in the Licence Agreement, Volvo Cars will not be held liable for any damage relating to the Software or to any implicit marketability or warranty, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement.

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