Volvo XC60 Gallery

Flexibility Whatever Your Circumstances

Military, Diplomatic and Expatriate Sales

Everybody's situation is different. From business users, to military personnel, from diplomats to expats, Volvo has made purchasing from overseas as simple as possible. Take a look at the options below to see which best suits and describes your circumstances.

Diplomat, Expatriate and Tax-Free or Export Sales

If you are a serving Diplomat or a civilian living in a foreign country, you can benefit from fantastic savings by buying a new Volvo through International Customer Sales. Our programme allows you to take advantage of your status to purchase a New Volvo in any specification, tax-free (for qualifying personnel), Left or Right Hand drive, for use anywhere.

British Military Sales - UK Based or Overseas

Whether you are already serving abroad or are permanently serving in the UK, you can take advantage of your Military status to purchase a brand new Volvo, allowing you to benefit from substantially reduced prices, including additional VAT savings of 20% if you are posted overseas.

US Military Sales

Purchase a new Volvo built to California specification and customized to your individual requirements. Save thousands compared to US MSRP with our special US Military car prices and discounts. Use your new Volvo while on tour in the UK and take advantage of ‘Home shipment’ when you return to the USA. A unique offer only available to US Military while stationed in the United Kingdom.