Need any Help?

1. How do I cancel or amend a booking?
For an Extended test drive, when your booking is confirmed, please call 0800 400 430 if you need to
amend or cancel your booking. Opening hours are Monday – Friday, 09.00 – 17.30 (excluding UK Bank
Please note that a £150 late cancellation or amendment fee will be charged if an Extended test drive
booking is cancelled or changed within 2 business days’ notice of the booking.
For a Retailer or At Chosen Location booking, please advise the Retailer direct.

2. How do I add an additional driver for an Extended test drive?
Please add the additional driver’s licence details when prompted via email. Please also ensure you
have the additional driver’s licence to hand when the vehicle is delivered to you.

3. Can the vehicle delivery address and vehicle collection/return address be different?
Yes, for an Extended test drive you may request a different delivery and collection address.

4. Who do I contact in the event of a breakdown?
In the event of a breakdown, please contact Volvo Assistance on 0800 777 116.

5. Can I book a test drive for the weekend?
Yes, weekend test drives can be booked through the Extended test drive option. These test drives can
start with a Friday delivery and end with a Monday collection. Please note delivery and collections cannot
occur on Saturday, Sundays or Bank Holidays - or outside the times confirmed for the booking.

6. Can I take the vehicle abroad?
No. Test drive vehicles cannot be taken abroad.

7. Is there a selection of cars available with Test Drive+?
Currently only XC40 Automatics are available.
If an automatic transmission is not appropriate for you, please call 0800 400 430 Monday – Friday
09.00 – 17.30 and we will check if a manual version is available from another fleet.

8. What if I receive a fine?
Any penalty charges incurred will be recharged to the driver.

9. Can I connect my own phone/device to the vehicle?
For an Extended test drive a connected mobile device will be pre-fitted into the vehicle for your use.
Fitting any other car phone or device to a loan vehicle is prohibited.

10. Can I change the time of collection once I have the vehicle?
You can change the time of collection, providing 2 business days’ notice is given, by contacting 0800
400 430, Monday to Friday 9.00 – 17.30 (excluding UK Bank Holidays). Subject to availability.

11. Will I be accompanied on my test drive?
You will be accompanied on a test drive at a retailer or Chosen Location. On an Extended test drive,
you will be unaccompanied.

12. If something happens to the car, will any charges apply?
Please note that the following charges will apply to the Extended test drive:
You will need to pre-authorise a £500 payment to cover any payment of charges or insurance claims in
accordance with the terms and conditions.
A £150 late cancellation or amendment fee will be charged if at least 2 working days’ notice is not given to
cancel or change a booking.
A £150 abort fee will be charged if You fail to accept delivery or return the vehicle on the dates and times
confirmed at time of booking. If you fail to present your valid driving licence at time of delivery, this will lead
to an aborted test drive.
A £150 late return fee per day will be apply for each day the vehicle is returned late.
All fixed penalty charges, parking fines, bridge tolls or congestion charges and related administration costs
if applicable (with the exception of the initial delivery and collection of a vehicle when delivered/collected
into a congestion charging area etc.) incurred during the period of the test drive are Your sole responsibility.

13. Do I get the £500 payment back at the end of the Test Drive+?
This is a pre-authorisation. Funds will only be taken to cover any payments or charges which are due to
Volvo Car UK Ltd in accordance with the terms and conditions.

14. How many bookings can I make with the Extended Test Drive option?
You are only allowed to make one booking for an Extended test drive. A booking constitutes a
minimum of one overnight and a maximum of three overnights. An extension of Your period of use may
be agreed a minimum of 2 business days in advance by contacting 0800 400 430, Monday – Friday
9.00 – 17.30 (excluding UK Bank Holidays).

15. What should I do in the event of an accident?
For Extended test drive, Volvo Car UK Ltd must be informed immediately of any accident, theft or any
damage whatsoever caused to the vehicle on 01869 353 690. A Volvo Approved Body and Paint Centre
must be used to repair any accident damage sustained and this will be arranged directly by Volvo Car UK.
For a Retailer or At Chosen Location test drive, please inform your Retailer immediately.

16. Do I need to complete a driving license check? Do I need to visit a retailer to do this?
You are required to complete a driving license check. For an Extended test drive, you will be prompted
to submit your details before your booking is confirmed. For Retailer and At Chosen Location test drive,
your Retailer will ask you for a copy of your license.

17. Do I need to refuel the car before returning?
Please ensure that the vehicle is presented for collection with the same amount of fuel it was delivered

18. Do I need to clean the car before returning?
No, but the car should not be excessively soiled inside or out. The condition of the car should be
commensurate with the length of the test drive and mileage covered during the test drive.

19. Is there a mileage limit?

20. Will the person conducting the test drive or delivering the vehicle explain the
features/technology in the car?

Yes. You can also specify, at time of booking, if there is anything particular you wish to know before or
during your test drive.

21. Who do I contact if I can’t remember how to use one of the features?
Please call 0800 400 430, Monday – Friday 9.00 – 17.30 (excluding UK Bank Holidays).

22. What happens if I leave something in the car?
For an Extended test drive, please call 0800 400 430, Monday – Friday 9.00 – 17.30 (excluding UK
Bank Holidays).
For a At Retailer or At Chosen Location test drive, please speak to your Retailer.

23. Are there age limits?
All drivers must be 25 years or over to participate in this test drive programme. Drivers over the age of
75 may be required to supply information confirming their fitness to drive.

24. I am ‘purchasing’ via my business – can I still use Test Drive+?

25. How is the 30mins travel time calculated for At Chosen Location?
This is calculated through Google Maps and is Google’s best estimate of travel time