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Empowering fleets for the road ahead

As the world of fleet changes, the ability to adapt is everything. Embrace electrification and all of its benefits with Volvo Fleet and Business – a trusted partner by your side to help you lead the way into tomorrow.

Choose Volvo Fleet and Business

Help on your journey

Wherever your business is going next, our dedicated and expert team is here to help you get there, putting your fleet needs and business priorities first.

In safe hands

Today, you can rely on over nine decades of Volvo safety heritage and innovation to protect your drivers from accidents and all the associated costs.

Power to progress

Step into the future with experts by your side. Our industry-leading sustainability goals mean electrification is at the heart of everything we do.

Set your fleet apart

Designed to turn heads and fully equipped for work on the move, our entire range is now available electrified. All you have to do is pick your model.

Business is better electrified

Give yourself the competitive advantage of Volvo pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, available across the range.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The up-front cost of electric vehicles doesn’t tell the full story. Over their lifetime in your fleet, you can make significant savings against ICE vehicles on fuel costs, tax and much more
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A more sustainable choice

In a world of climate change, reaching your Corporate Social Responsibility goals is of paramount importance. Show your commitment by choosing a fleet of electrified vehicles from Volvo, a partner committed to sustainability.
Our sustainability ambition

Charging without a worry

With infrastructure continuing to grow, charging is here to stay. At home, at work, or anywhere in between, it’s easier than ever.

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Introducing the Volvo lineup

A fleet for every business, a car for every driver. With electrified options across the entire range, discover them for yourself.

Our electrified engines

Find a powertrain to answer the needs of your fleet.


A traditional petrol engine. Plus, an electric motor supporting a smoother, more efficient driving experience.

Plug-in hybrid

Petrol and electric together. For short everyday journeys using just electricity and long-distance peace of mind. With plug-in hybrids, lower emissions mean lower BIK for drivers.

Pure electric

Travel powered solely by electricity, with a full battery lasting over 250 miles and producing no emissions along the way. Plus, the added benefit of 1% BIK for drivers.

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