Volvo’s philosophy has always been to put people first. To pioneer innovations for a safer, cleaner, more enjoyable future. What will people need? How will they drive? To answer these questions, it’s sometimes necessary to challenge convention, to find a new path. Delivering solutions that make people’s lives easier, safer, better comes as naturally as breathing. That’s the Volvo way.

Nobody dies in a new Volvo by 2020

By pushing technological boundaries, we have reduced the risk of being hurt in an accident when in a Volvo by 50% since 2000. And we’re going much further, with our goal that nobody should die or be seriously injured in a new Volvo by the year 2020.

A catalyst for change

When engineers in America tested a Volvo in 1976, they thought their equipment was broken because the emissions readings were so low. But Volvo had fitted the world’s first three-way catalytic converter (Lambda Sond), cutting hazardous exhaust emissions by around 90 per cent. We realised how important that was for the world and left the patent open. Today, almost every engine in the world uses it.

Great ideas come from within

When Volvo presented its inflatable child seat concept to the public a couple of years ago, its innovative design gained international recognition. This compact little creation weighed a mere five kilos, was capable of self-inflating in less than forty seconds and could fit neatly inside a normal-sized rucksack when not in use. The inflatable child seat concept is just one of many successful innovations to have come from Karin André and the team at Volvo’s Corporate Innovation Office.

“We’re always curious and open to new ideas,” explains Karin. “We get a lot of information, and inspiration, from studying customer behaviour and the challenges facing society – both today and in the future. Most of our ideas, however, come from within. From our dedicated colleagues around the world.”

In order to collect these ideas, Volvo organises an annual global innovation week known officially as Innovation GiG – Global Idea Generation.