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The Volvo Car Tyres Network is a network of approved Volvo retailers which provides an online tyre booking service for your Volvo. All of our Volvo retailers aim to offer you a great service, competitive prices and we also offer a free health check to make sure your Volvo car is in full working order.



It’s important to check your tyre tread level and check for any tyre damage, it’s easy to order replacement tyres.
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The Right Car Tyres

Selecting the right tyre for your Volvo is simple and easy, with our dedicated online tyre booking system. By booking your Volvo tyres online you can have your tyres fitted at your local Volvo Approved Dealership whilst you wait in comfort. You will find details of the Original Equipment tyres (the ones that were handpicked for your vehicle when it was made) online but if you need a hand, we’re here to help.

We recommend that you replace your vehicle with like for like tyres to ensure that you maintain the comfortable ride and your Volvo remains efficient. Fitting the correct tyres to your Volvo is vital and this is the only part of your car that is in contact with the road.
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Did you know?

You will need 37 additional metres to stop at 70mph with your tyre tread depth at 1.6mm than with 3mm of tread depth. This means where the car stopped with 3mm of tread, you could still be doing 30-40mph with 1.6mm.
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Tyre Safety

Tyres wear day by day as your using your Volvo, it’s unavoidable but there are things that you should look out for. You should also look out for other damage to your tyres to make sure that they are safe, things such as uneven wear which is usually caused by misalignment, bulges, cuts and foreign objects should be looked at by your local Volvo retailer.
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