My Volvo

This page has some hints and videos about logging into My Volvo and attaching your car to your account to get the most out of My Volvo.

Forgotten your ID and/or Password:

Your ID is the email address provided when requesting the Volvo ID. If you are unsure of your email or password use the ‘Forgotten password’ link on the login page. Enter your email address in here and click, ‘get new password’.
If the email address is correct, you will receive an email with instructions on how to create a new password. If the email address is incorrect, you will receive a message on the screen ‘This email address in not connected to your Volvo ID, please try again’ and you can try another email address.

How to connect your car to your My Volvo account:

When logged into My Volvo, in the headings at the top you will see your name. If you click on this a menu appears providing you with the option to view and edit either ‘My profile’ or ‘My Cars’. Select ‘My Cars’ and you are then access the section where you have the following options available:

By order number: This is where for new car orders you can add your order number provided by your dealer and click ‘Add car’ at the bottom of the screen. You will then see details of your car in the home screen and be able to track your order.

By VIN number: This is where you can enter your cars VIN number, month of purchase, year of purchase and click ‘Add car’ to connect your car to your account. Please note this option is only available for cars that completed production before November 2013, (up to MY14.5). 

If your car was produced after November 2013 (MY14.5 onwards), you have a ‘connected car’ which allows you to access the internet in your car. For added security, for these vehicles to connect to your My Volvo account it is required that you connect your car to the internet and enter your Volvo ID into the car.  

How to add your Volvo ID to your car. 

Please note you will need to have connected your to the internet to be able to do this. There are a number of ways to do this but instructions on how to do this using Bluetooth on your smartphone are below. You will also receive an email to your Volvo ID email account to verify the connection between your Volvo ID and the car.

How to connect your car to the internet using your phone and Bluetooth:

Once you have connected your phone to your car by Bluetooth, you can use your phone to connect your car to the internet. The steps are:
1. On the centre console press MY CAR and select OK/MENU 
2. In the Sensus Connect Menu select Settings and Internet Settings
3. In the Sensus Connect Menu select Connect through and then Bluetooth
4. You can now start using the browser and apps.


How to connect your phone to your car

Watch the videos below that demonstrate how to connect your phone to your car. 

Connecting an Android phone

Connecting an Iphone

Select and add your preferred dealer

Once in My Volvo you can add your dealer as preferred. This ensures that you can contact your dealer direct from My Volvo in less steps. 

Manage Volvo ID and/or change email address for Volvo ID

You can manage your Volvo ID and your information in My Volvo, under My Profile. Once you have signed in click on your name in the top of the screen and select ‘My Profile’ from the menu that appears. This page allows you to update and manage all personal and contact information.

No longer want a Volvo ID – How to delete ID.

You can delete your Volvo ID in My Volvo. Once you have signed in click on your name in the top of the screen and select ‘My Profile’ from the menu that appears. If you scroll to the bottom of the My Profile screen, you have the option to delete your Volvo ID. You will receive a confirmation email advising you are no longer able to use certain services that require a Volvo ID. Please note your Volvo ID is also required for access to the Volvo On Call app should you use it. 

Still having problems?

You can find out more about your Volvo ID on our Support site and sign up to ask questions in our online forum. Alternatively, you can contact us here.