Bypass of the alcohol lock*

In the event of an emergency situation or if the alcohol lock is out of order, it is possible to bypass the alcohol lock in order to drive the car.

For deactivation via the alcohol lock, see the separate instructions for that specific lock.

Activating the bypass function (Bypass)


All bypass activation is logged and saved in the memory in the alcohol lock's control unit. It is not possible to undo a bypass.

The message, Blow into alcolock Bypass instead?, is shown in the screen:

  • If "Cancel/Yes" is shown - select bypass by pressing the right arrow button on the steering wheel's right-hand keypad and then on the O button.
  • If "Yes" is shown - select bypass by pressing the O button.

The alcohol lock is now bypassed and the car can be started.

The number of bypasses possible before service is required is selected during alcohol lock installation.

  1. * Option/accessory.