Using the WikiLocations app, you can read Wikipedia articles that are related to your car's position and destination.

The WikiLocations app

Using WikiLocations, you have access to content based on Wikipedia. This is a service which does not form part of the car's navigation system, but you can view items, images and summaries related to your car's position and destination.

The items shown in WikiLocations have been assigned a geographical location. WikiLocations only shows items which match the car's language settings, as well as items in English.

Using WikiLocations

WikiLocations is a free service and you do not need an account to use the service.

Note that a data usage cost may be incurred, depending on your subscription. Contact your Internet service provider for more information.

Use the steering wheel knob for safer use of the app while you drive.

Tips for using WikiLocations

If you experience problems with WikiLocations, make sure you have an Internet connection and good signal strength.

  1. 1 Availability varies depending on market.