Activating and deactivating alarms*

The alarm is armed when the car is locked.

Arming the alarm

Lock and arm the car alarm as follows
  • press the remote control key's lock button P5-1507 Remote key icon for lock/global close
  • touch the marked surface on the outside of the door handles or the tailgate's rubberised pressure plate1.

If the car is equipped with both keyless locking/unlocking* and a power-operated tailgate*, the P5-1507 Power Operated Tailgate - close and lock button button on the underside of the tailgate can also be used to lock the car and arm the car alarm.

16w17- V90/S90-SPA - Larm indicator on the instument panel
A red LED on the instrument panel flashes once every two seconds when the car is locked and the alarm is armed.


It is not possible to lock the car without activating the alarm. If the car is parked on a ferry, for example, the function for reduced alarm level should be used instead.

Deactivate the alarm

Unlock and disarm the car alarm as follows
  • press the remote control key's unlock button P5-1646-x90-Remote key icon for unlocking.
  • grip one of the door handles or press gently on the tailgate's rubberised pressure plate1.

Deactivate the alarm without a functioning remote control key

The car can be unlocked and disarmed even if the remote control key does not work e.g. if the remote control key's battery is dead.

Open the driver's door with the detachable key blade.
The alarm is triggered.
P6-1746-XC40- Backup start place in tunnel console

Place the remote control key on the key symbol in the backup reader in the tunnel console's storage compartment.

Press the start button.

The alarm is deactivated.

Switching off a triggered alarm

Press the remote control key's unlock button or set the car in ignition position I by pressing the start button.

Automatic arming and rearming of the alarm

Automatic rearming of the alarm prevents the car being left with the alarm disarmed unintentionally.

If the car is unlocked with the remote control key (which disarms the alarm) but none of the doors or the tailgate is opened within two minutes, then the alarm is automatically re-armed. The car is relocked at the same time.

In certain markets, the alarm is armed automatically after a certain delay after the driver's door has been opened and closed without being locked.

To change this setting:
Tap on Settings in the centre display's top view.
Press My CarLocking.
Select Passive Arming Deactivation to deactivate the function temporarily.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to cars with keyless locking and unlocking*.

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