Account details

Privacy and data sharing

Many connected services and apps need to be able to send and receive information and data. The data sharing function for your connected services and apps is deactivated as standard. To be able to use certain connected services and apps in the car, you must choose yourself to activate data sharing for them.

Driver profiles

In order for your Volvo to be customised for you every time you get into the car, you have the option to save and protect your personal preferences in driver profiles. The driver profiles can be connected to the car's keys, and when the car is unlocked, its settings are adjusted to the driver profile in the key being used.

Connecting driver profile to key

Personal preferences for seats, climate control, audio, navigation and communication, amongst other things, can be saved in driver profiles and connected to one of the car's keys.

Edit and protect driver profile

You can save personal settings specific to you in a driver profile by protecting the profile. The settings currently active at the time of locking are then saved. You can also name ore rename a profile whenever you wish.

Sensus Connect for older car models

Sensus Connect is Volvo's infotainment system that can connect your Volvo to the outside world and provide you with information, entertainment as well as functions to help simplify your ownership. This article applies to S60, V60 and XC60 from and including model year 2014, up to and including 2018, as well as V40, V70, XC70 and S80 from and including model 2015, up to and including 2019.

Character wheel and keyboard

Use the character wheel or the centre console's keypad for typing in and selecting options when you are entering an email address or using the browser, for example.

Volvo ID

Volvo ID is a personal account that is used when logging in to the Volvo Cars app.

Creating a Volvo ID

You need a Volvo ID to log in to the Volvo Cars app. The instructions for how to create your Volvo ID vary depending on car model and model year, so be sure to read the section that applies to your car.

Changing your Volvo ID username or password

You can change your Volvo ID username or password from the Volvo Cars app or from the Volvo website.

Issues related to Volvo ID

Common issues related to Volvo ID, along with solutions, are described here.

Performing a factory reset of your car

If you have a pre-owned car and the previous user has not removed their profiles and phones are still paired, a factory reset is recommended.