Registering a public charging account

Register a charging account in the Volvo Cars/Volvo EX30 app to easily find charging stations connected to the Volvo public charging service (VPCS) and to pay for your charging sessions.1


The Volvo EX30 app must be used for EX30 cars. For all other cars, use the Volvo Cars app.

The mobile app needs to be paired with your car before you can register the charging account.

Go to the Px-2037-VOC app icon Map tab in the mobile app.
Press Set up account and follow the instructions.

During registration, you select the tariff that suits your needs and you can also order a charging card. Currently, you can only have one card connected to your account.


You can access VPCS charging stations before your charging card has arrived. Many stations accept remote start and stop via the mobile app. This means that you plug in the charger, then start and stop the session from your app. Use the charging method filter function to find these stations.

Activate your charging card

You need to activate your charging card when you receive it.
Go to the Px-2037-VOC app icon Map tab in the mobile app.
Select Activate card and follow the instructions.

Applicable models

C40, model year 2022-2024

EC40, model year 2025 and later

EX30, model year 2024 and later

EX40, model year 2025 and later

XC40 Recharge Pure Electric, model year 2021-2024

  1. 1 The functionality may vary depending on market.