Designed for life

In the all-new Volvo V60, modern Scandinavian design and a focus on innovation help you make the most of every moment. T. Jon Mayer -- lead designer of the Volvo V60 -- invites you inside the modern, elegant V60. 


The art of luxury

T. Jon Mayer opens the door of the all-new Volvo V60, and gestures towards the interior. "There's a human quality about good Scandinavian design," he says. "It's functional and beautiful, like all good design, yet there's a warmth to it. You can feel the human hand in its creation."       

The interior of the V60 draws on contemporary Scandinavian design to create a unique interior space that's been designed to delight and inspire. "It enriches every moment on board," says T. Jon, who was lead designer of the V60. "This is a car that gives you the feel-good factor the moment you get inside. You are in an environment centered on your wellbeing, yet you feel connected to the outside world. We've designed an interior that gives you a sense that you can do anything and go anywhere in it."         

The common purpose that unites 90 years of Volvo vehicles finds a new expression in the all-new V60, where cutting-edge connectivity, minimalist design, and an innovative use of materials meet. "Progress is about looking forward with a clear vision," says T. Jon, who is now senior director of design at the Volvo Cars Design and Concept Center in Los Angeles. "And Volvo Cars is a brand that has stayed true to that vision -- of designing cars around you, to make your life easier."  

The interior of the V60 effectively balances form and function. The touch screen at the heart of the cabin, for example, does away with the need for unnecessary buttons on the dashboard, replacing them with a sleek and easy-to-use display.         

Simplicity is at the heart of good design, says T. Jon: "Keeping things simple creates a sense of calm and allows you to focus on the details. It's a characteristic that you often find in Scandinavian architecture and furniture, where a design is refined to its essentials yet still has an air of luxury and sophistication." 

“Keeping things simple creates a sense of calm and allows you to focus on the details”

Thoughtful details in the V60 include distinctive vertical air vents with metallic blades and diamond-patterned rotary controls at their center. The same elegant, diamond-patterned finish is used for the starter button, rotary control beneath the center display, and the Drive Mode selector. "It's these details that delight the senses and give that feeling of refined luxury," T. Jon says.          

The way materials are used inside the V60 adds to the luxurious feel. The Driftwood inlay found in Inscription models is a perfect example. "It references the Swedish landscape and heritage in a very contemporary way," says T. Jon. "It's wonderful to look at and satisfying to touch, and it shows how innovative and modern Scandinavian design can be. Volvo Cars pioneered this sophisticated treatment of wood, and there's real artistry in forming a natural material into that precise, technical shape."       

It's another example of innovation centered around people, to enhance every moment spent in the car. This is sophisticated luxury, and it's something that Volvo Cars does very well.