Child safety, by Volvo

Child Safety

Volvo Car USA has teamed up with The Harris Poll for this report focusing on providing new parents with the necessary resources to aid them in keeping their child safe.

There are few life events that are simultaneously as overwhelming and exhilarating as becoming a parent. Before the arrival of their new baby, parents are tasked with a staggering number of tasks, from baby-proofing the home to reevaluating what a “full night’s sleep” truly is. Driving is no exception. In fact, most parents find their perception of driving to be forever changed with the arrival of a little one. First and foremost, definitions of “safety” evolve and grow. 81% of parents say their criteria for a “safe” vehicle shifted dramatically when they became a parent.

As parents take on these new challenges and adapt to their new realities, many rely on products to help keep their children safe. Parents have never had more options or more information available to help them make decisions, Yet this immense volume often leads to more confusion and stress, particularly for new parents who are increasingly anxious about making the right decision.

Two-thirds say “the amount of safety information available to new parents creates new sources of worry, rather than alleviating them.” Almost all (97%) of new parents say they found it overwhelming to research products as a new parent due to the large amount of information and products available. 

Car seats are a particularly vexing piece of baby gear, with 63% of new parents citing them as overwhelming to research, far surpassing other products like strollers (42%) and feeding supplies (40%).

Find the right car seat

Once parents have found the right seat, installation brings a new set of challenges. While the majority of parents reported they read the installation manual when they purchased the seat (64%), slightly more than a quarter say they asked friends or family for advice (27%) or watched videos online (27%). Even fewer say they visited a police or fire station (18%) or a car seat safety technician (12%), but they wish
this type of expert help was available. In fact, more than half would use a professional car seat installer if they had access to one (55%). Among millennial parents and new parents, this number rises to 65%.

This expert help is not only desired, but needed, as misinformation about car seat best practices is common. This year on National Seat Check Saturday (September 29), parents can visit participating local Volvo retailers, regardless of their type of vehicle, and have safety technicians properly install or check an already installed car seat to ensure it is safely placed in the vehicle, free of charge. You can find a list of participating retailers below or a certified child passenger safety (CPS) technician in your area here.

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