Automotive is for Everyone

We believe it’s time for change. Join us.

At Volvo, we’re committed to hiring and inspiring women–from behind the wheel to designing and building the car of the future. And that includes achieving 30% female workforce by 2030. Get inspired by the incredible women leading automotive innovations today.

Accelerating opportunity for women in automotive

We believe the automotive industry is for everyone.

That’s why Volvo Cars is actively working to inspire the next generation of women. We recently convened a group of automotive leaders at the Washington Post Global Women’s Summit for their insights and to hear how they are helping the industry shift gears.

Volvo - What's In My Bag Shirt

Show your support for women in automotive.

Celebrate the incredible women transforming the auto industry and inspiring future generations to come. Shop our "What’s In My Bag" shirt to show your support.

Volvo Cars - Bogi Lateiner from Girl Gang Garage

Women who work on cars

Meet Bogi Lateiner, founder of Girl Gang Garage. She and her team are modernizing and electrifying a vintage 1961 Volvo PV544 with the powertrain of a 2021 S60 plug-in hybrid. She's also on a mission to elevate, encourage, and champion women’s entry and advancement in the automotive industry. And we couldn’t be more aligned.

Woman in Blue Jeans and Sweater Standing Next to Volvo - Volvo Women's Stories Caroline D.

Caroline D.

Woman with Large Yellow Scarf Leaning on Volvo - Volvo Women's Stories Tiffany N.

Tiffany N.

Woman in Brown Jacket Leaning on Volvo - Volvo Women's Stories Lila H.

Lila H.

Pregnant Woman with Dog Leaning on Volvo - Volvo Women's Stories Amy B.

Amy B.

Woman in Overalls Sitting on Volvo - Volvo Women's Stories Amy N.

Amy N.

Woman in Black Jacket Standing Next to Volvo - Volvo Women's Stories Lauren A.

Lauren A.

Woman Building Car in Plant - Career Opportunities at Volvo South Carolina Plant

Career opportunities at our plant

Explore amazing career opportunities and help us redefine the automotive industry. Bring your passion and your drive as we develop the next generation of Volvos in South Carolina.