Mild Hybrid

Go the extra mile. No plug-in required.

The Mild Hybrid reduces engine load for a smoother ride with reduced fuel consumption and lower tailpipe emissions.

How Do Volvo Mild Hybrids (MHEVs) Work

A mild hybrid car - how does it work?

The mild hybrid powertrain, also known as MHEV, utilizes both a combustion engine and an electric motor. The MHEV is used to start the engine and brake or slow the car, thereby recovering brake energy that is stored in the 48V battery. This energy is then used to help boost the combustion engine when accelerating.

What are the benefits?

Volvo Mild Hybrids (MHEVs)

Smoother drive

Volvo Mild Hybrids (MHEVs)

Lower fuel consumption

Volvo Mild Hybrid Acceleration

More power

Our mild hybrid car range

XC90 Luxury SUV Mild Hybrid EV

XC90 Mild Hybrid

XC40 Compact SUV Mild Hybrid EV

XC40 Mild Hybrid


XC60 Mild Hybrid

S90 Luxury Sedan Mild Hybrid EV

S90 Mild Hybrid

S60 Luxury Sedan Mild Hybrid EV

S60 Mild Hybrid

V90 Cross Country Mild Hybrid EV

V90 Cross Country Mild Hybrid

V60 Cross Country Mild Hybrid EV

V60 Cross Country Mild Hybrid

Our other electrified powertrains

Volvo Recharge Pure Electric Vehicles

Recharge pure electric

Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Recharge plug-in hybrid

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