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Make life less complicated with the ultimate driving companion. Discover Volvo On Call today.

Enhance your automotive experience with Volvo On Call, featuring luxury amenities and dynamic solutions to life’s unexpected problems – all from your smartphone or smartwatch. You’re in control of the ultimate driving experience with Volvo On Call, standard with every new Volvo.

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Volvo On Call App Features

In-Car Delivery in Partnership with Key by Amazon

By linking your Volvo On Call account with the Key by Amazon App, you’ll unlock the ability to order Amazon packages and have them shipped to your Volvo. Whether you’re at home or at work, In-Car Delivery makes it easy to get what you need when you need it.
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Your Day Made Easier with Volvo On Call

From saving you time in the morning to helping you relax on the way home, Volvo On Call becomes an indispensable part of your daily routine.

Start seamlessly

Begin your day with peace of mind, knowing your car is fully charged with charging updates in the Volvo On Call app.

A step further

In sync with your calendar, get to your first meeting effortlessly by sending the address from your Volvo On Call app directly to your car’s navigation system.

Never lost

Find your parked car with ease using the car locator map in the Volvo On Call app and use the honk and flash function to pin point your car’s exact location.


Quick, convenient, and flexible. Talk with a Volvo Car Consumer Relations team member in real-time through our in-chat feature.

Custom comfort

Before leaving the office, remotely start your Volvo through the Volvo On Call app to warm up or cool down the car before getting in.

Rest easy

Getting ready for a new day, lock your car from the comfort of your home via the Volvo On Call app.

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Continue to take advantage of the exclusive benefits of Volvo On Call including in-car delivery, remote start, emergency services, and more when you renew your subscription today. 
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Concierge Services is available in select markets. Car sharing is available with the new XC40.