Certified Collision Facilities

Our Facilities ensure every repair is made to bring your Volvo back to factory standards.

What makes a Volvo, a Volvo?

It’s important to insist on our Genuine Parts to restore your Volvo to its factory standard for optimum performance. With a constant stream of technological innovations, our parts can’t be replaced by non-genuine parts – without jeopardizing the safety components/systems designed to protect you.  

Certified for peace of mind

Through a rigorous program of regular inspections and mandatory training, the Volvo Certified Collision Network guarantees each and every facility to be the most qualified repairer of your Volvo. 
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Support every step of the way

In the stressful event of a collision, make Volvo Roadside Assistance your first call. Once in touch, our agents will connect you to experts who specialize in collision repair and insurance. Whether you are connected to a call center, collision facility or your Volvo retailer, you can rest assured.
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