Exterior understanding

Vision beyond the human range

Better understanding for better control.

The future with lidar

Coupled with radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors, the advanced lidar system is designed to continuously scan the environment in front of the vehicle to create a 3-dimensional understanding of the surroundings. It will see what you sometimes can't and help prepare your car for autonomous driving.  

A 360° shield of safety

There’s safety in numbers with lidar, 5 radars, 8 cameras and 16 ultrasonic sensors. Powered by state-of-the-art software, the sensors are designed to work together to create a shield of safety. Each sensor backs up the others to help you feel safe, supported and in control.

Driver understanding

Ready if you’re not

Extra support when you need it.

We’re all good drivers, but at times we’re not at our best. Our driver understanding system will help create a shield of safety that you don’t know is there until you need it. Two interior sensors and a capacitive steering wheel will feed information to an algorithm, which will also talk to the car’s exterior sensors. Designed to know when it might need to step in if you are distracted or drowsy. 

Occupant sensing

Looks out for everybody on board

A second pair of eyes to help you avoid leaving loved ones behind.

With interior radars covering the whole cabin - from the front seats to the load compartment - our new occupant sensing system is designed to help prevent anyone from being inadvertently left behind in a potentially dangerous scenario. Helps you avoid locking a sleeping child or a snoozing dog in the car, while the in-car climate system can also potentially help minimize the risk of hypothermia and heatstroke.

A new era begins now.

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*Future technology described above is not yet available. Vehicle specifications are subject to change. Features shown and described above may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options and may vary from market to market.