Ambience Interior

Indulge in exclusive Swedish luxury from the comfort of your Volvo.

A man reclining in the back seat of a Volvo enjoying the Ambience Interior.

Inspire your senses

Ambience Interior combines visuals, sounds and scents. It includes the soothing ambience of a forest, calming focus of a summer’s day or pulsing energy of an orchestra. Visuals project onto the car’s headlining and accompanying sounds take advantage of a Bowers & Wilkins sound system, while one of the scents enhance the chosen cabin mood.

See more, in detail

Explore the exclusive multi-sensory world inside the unique cabin of the Ambience Interior.

Volvo sedan with Ambience Interior seen from front right side in interior environment

Immersive luxury, Swedish style

With Ambience Interior, rear seat passengers have individual adjustable seats with heating and ventilation. The front passenger seat is replaced by the Lounge Console, providing a footrest and an integrated 12.9-inch tablet, and opens up the car’s interior to create more space. Attention to detail is everywhere.

Sensory excellence

Welcome to the essence of Scandinavia. Step into Ambience Interior, where the sights, sounds and scents of our homeland come to life, creating an exclusive luxury car experience unlike any other.

A hand selecting a Volvo Ambience Interior mode on a smartphone
 Interior of Volvo with an ambient light show projected onto interior roof
A box containing three small bottles of Byredo scents developed for the Volvo Ambience Interior concept