Your key to convenience charging

Access to charging stations across the nation.

XC40 Recharge electric luxury SUV side view

Volvo Car USA offers a variety of charging options for electrified and hybrid vehicles.

Electrify America

All model year 2022 full electric vehicles come standard with 250 kWh of complimentary DC fast (CCS) and Level 2 charging, at no additional cost and valid for 3 years, and a subsequent 12-month Electrify America Pass+ membership.


ChargePoint further simplifies the public charging experience. Eliminating the need to juggle multiple apps, with a ChargePoint account you can access their leading network of AC chargers, as well as their roaming partners. Making it easy to find and pay for charging no matter where you are. Sync your account to the in car app allows for a truly seamless experience.

Charging at home

A fast charging option is available for your home. The ChargePoint Home Flex is a 240-volt Level 2 home charger that delivers up to 50 amps of power to charge your Volvo Recharge Plug-in Hybrid and Volvo Recharge Pure Electric.

Installations by QMerit

Once you have purchased a home charger for your Volvo, connect with our partners at Qmerit to schedule a professional install.

Volvo has your charging needs covered

Volvo's ChargePoint Charger

Charge most anywhere

All Volvo Recharge models come with access to the nation’s leading public charging providers, ChargePoint and Electrify America. With a ChargePoint account, drivers can find and pay at over 80% of all Level 2 (AC) chargers in the US. For full electric models, DC fast charging coverage is further expanded with Volvo’s partnership with Electrify America. With the nation’s largest open fast charging network, charging a Volvo has never been easier.

Integrated In-Car App

All Volvo Recharge vehicles with the Google Android Automotive operating system will enable drivers to search for compatible charging stations, navigate to them, and plan long trips with charging stops smartly integrated. It’s as easy as “Hey Google, find charging stations near me”. And to make life even easier, the Google Play Store* provides you with more convenient options. Download the ChargePoint app and link it to your account to activate and pay for charging from the comfort of your driver seat.

*Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

*Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Volvo's Hybrid Electric ChargePoint Charging App

Get the ChargePoint App

When you purchase a Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrid or Recharge Pure Electric model, you will receive a ChargePoint welcome kit with instructions on how to set-up your account. The CharegePoint App is the easiest way to find available stations, start charging your Volvo and get updates when your Volvo is fully charged.

Available on iOS and Android.

App Store
Google Play

What do you want to know about Charging?

Upon arrival at the charging station select the appropriate charger and touch the green “Start Charging” button. The app communicates with the ChargePoint network to activate the selected charger and release the plug. At that point the driver can get out of the car, remove the plug from the charger and plug in. There is no need to provide a payment method as payment information is pre-stored in the driver’s ChargePoint account at time of set up.

After vehicle delivery, owners will receive an email from Volvo Car USA walking them through the activation process.

Electrify America is focused on enabling electric vehicle interstate travel. Their stations are ideal for charging on a long road trip. Drivers will be more likely to see them at a large retailer near a highway than around town.

Most Electrify America stations use 150 kWh DC fast chargers. This is the maximum amount of power a full electric Volvo can take. Plugged into a 150 kWh station, the XC40 Recharge will charge from 20% to 90% in about 40 minutes.

The XC40 and C40 Recharge have a 78 kWh battery. Therefore, 250 kWh of energy is the equivalent of charging your battery from 10% to 80% about 4.5 times.