Factories & Environment

Living proof of our fundamental values.

Our production values

Care for the world we live in is something that Volvo Cars has always been committed to – and that includes the factories where we build our cars.

Our production plants are more than mere factories. They are living proof of our fundamental values of quality, safety and environmental responsibility.

What goes around

Today, recycling is an important part of everyday life. It is for Volvo, too: we remanufacture around 15 percent of all our spare parts, to exactly the same quality standards as the originals. And since remanufacturing uses up to 85 per cent less raw material and 80 per cent less energy, it’s great news for the environment.

A lighter footprint

At Volvo, we have a vision of a world where we make the smallest possible environmental impact. That’s why all our European factories are powered entirely by renewable energy. Whether that’s hydro-electricity or wind power, it’s certified climate-neutral.

The highest standards – across the world

Quality is something we don’t expect you to compromise on – and neither do we. That’s why we always insist on the highest standards of production quality in our factories, applied consistently right across the world, from Sweden to Belgium to China.

Team time

Good teamwork always produces the best results. At Volvo, we know – because it’s how we’ve worked for decades. Throughout the entire organisation, we work in teams to inspire, be more efficient and improve quality. Ultimately that means better cars, and better service, for you.

Clean factories

How do you make a factory as clean as it can possibly be? Volvo Cars certainly has the secret. From its opening in 1991, our Torslanda paint facility was the world’s cleanest, emitting the fewest volatile organic compounds per car into the environment of any paint plant in the world.