C40 Recharge

Interior design

Take a closer look inside the C40 Recharge.

Design highlights

Back lit ambience

Topography inspired translucent back-lit decor creates a natural, soothing glow and a contemporary vibe in the cabin.

Partially recycled carpets

Fjord blue, partially recycled carpets are a more sustainable choice as well as a visually harmonizing interior design feature.

Leather free interior

The interior of the C40 Recharge has been created without the use of any leather and is a living expression of responsible luxury.

Natural light and comfort

The standard fixed panoramic roof has laminated, tinted glass that provides effective protection from glare and UV radiation. It also helps to create an airy, more natural environment in the cabin, maintain a comfortable temperature and contribute to a silent ride.

Smart storage

With multiple storage areas and smart fastening and loading features, the C40 Recharge offers the versatile solutions that reflect your life and leisure activities.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options. European specification vehicle shown.