An adventure awaits!

Overseas Delivery Tourist

Sweden is calling! Explore the Overseas Delivery Program.

Volvo Overseas Delivery Process – Man sitting talking to woman

Your journey begins

Visit your local Volvo retailer to design your custom Volvo or request information. Place and confirm your order with a $3,000 deposit.

Airfare and hotel

Roundtrip Airfare for Two (2) - Volvo will fly you and a guest to Gothenburg, Sweden.* Design your vacation with our Overseas Travel Concierge who will help book your complimentary core travel package.**

Hotels and VIP Delivery - Volvo Overseas Delivery - Car driving on bridge in city

Experience World of Volvo

VIP delivery of your vehicle by one of our very own delivery specialists at World of Volvo. Explore everything from Volvo’s most iconic vehicles to real-life stories and extraordinary interactive experiences. Temporary European vehicle registration and insurance coverage while in Europe so you can drive confidently.

Volvo Overseas Delivery Logistics and Shipment - Top down view of car on road

Home Shipment

Once your adventure concludes, drop off your Volvo at World of Volvo or at one of our many other authorized drop off points across Europe and we will ship your Volvo home to your local retailer.*** Home shipment from the European port to the US port is included.****

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some common questions and learn more about the program.

Is the Overseas Delivery Program available outside of the United States?

The Overseas Delivery program is only available to residents of the United States at Retailers located in the United States.

What models are available through the Overseas Delivery Program?

• XC60 • XC60 plug-in hybrid • XC90 • XC90 plug-in hybrid • XC40 (excluding XC40 Recharge fully electric) • V60 plug-in hybrid • V60 Cross Country • V90 Cross Country

What are the prices for the Overseas Delivery Program?

For pricing and available discounts, please contact your preferred Volvo Retailer.

What is the approximate timeline for the program?

We suggest placing an order approximately four months prior to the desired delivery date. Most importantly, due to the variety of factors that may play a role in an order, we suggest discussing your vehicle preferences with your preferred Volvo Retailer. For approximate transportation times from Europe to North America, click below.

Is there a separate cost to the program, and is there a deposit required?

There is no separate cost to the program, but an upfront, non-refundable deposit of $3,000 is required at the time your Volvo Retailer places the order. This deposit is applied to the final cost of the vehicle.

How does the ordering process work?

The journey begins with your preferred Volvo Retailer, who will place the order according to your specifications. Our travel partner, Adventure Travel, will contact you within 30 days of your order documents being electronically signed and submitted to get started with your travel. Final payment for your new Volvo is due 30 days prior to taking delivery in Sweden. You may finance the vehicle or purchase it outright.

*2 night hotel stay only eligible on any new orders. ** Volvo is only responsible for the core travel package, anything outside this package, including additional travel and activities will be between the customer and our travel agency. *** Tourist vehicles must be exported from EU within 6 months from their delivery date – provided the exportation is made in Sweden. Drop off locations in Sweden are covered for 6 months. For vehicles dropped off outside Scandinavia, an export declaration in connection to the new vehicle delivery is required. The vehicle must then leave Europe within 90 days from the delivery date – this reduces your use of the car to 2 months in Europe. If you fail to drop off your vehicle for home shipment within the 2-6 months’ timeframe, Volvo Cars will be required to disclose your personal information (including your SSN) to the Swedish tax authority. You will also be responsible for payment of Swedish VAT and other applicable cost and taxes, in addition to possible penalties in Europe. The VAT is 25% of the car purchase price **** Vehicles dropped at locations other than Gothenburg will incur an additional fee. Please refer to the Volvo Home Shipment Program for a full list of available locations and pricing. US destination charge still applies.