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Purchase of Maintenance Services Terms

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Volvo Cars would like to make Maintenance Services available for purchase online.

To purchase Maintenance Services you must accept these Purchase of Maintenance Services Terms and Volvo Car’s Terms for Services, and you acknowledge that you have read these terms and accept that a binding agreement has been entered into between you and Volvo Cars for the purchase of Maintenance Services (the “Maintenance Services Agreement”).

“MSA Period” means the number of years that you have purchase Maintenance Services for, stated in your order summary.

“Maintenance Service(s)” means the performance by a Retailer of Volvo Genuine Service maintenance service work in accordance with the service programme applicable for your Volvo car.

“Purchase Price” means the amount shown on screen for Maintenance Services and confirmed in your order summary.

“Retailer” means a business independent of Volvo Cars that is authorised to sell Volvo branded passenger cars and/or provide other related services.

“Volvo Cars Genuine Service” means the work to be performed on your car in accordance with Volvo Car’s recommendations, including limited wear and tear, functionality and safety checks as well as actions performed at specified service intervals such as e.g. exchange of spark plugs and air filter, and software updates. This includes labor as well as material, such as oils, fluids, software and spare parts included in Volvo Cars Genuine Service. Please see below what is not included in the Maintenance Service(s).

Order and Payment by instalments

You can purchase (1) Maintenance Services over a 12 month period, (2) Maintenance Services over a 24 month period or (3) Maintenance Services over a 36 month period.

Payment will be made by monthly instalments over the chosen period and is made by an automatic deduction from the payment details that you provide to us (“Instalments”). The first Instalment is payable on the date the contract for Maintenance Services starts and the subsequent instalments are payable each month thereafter.

Subject to your Right to Cancel:

  • By placing your order for Maintenance Services, you understand and agree that you are contractually bound to pay Purchase Price in full.
  • You may not otherwise cancel your order for Maintenance Services, unless specifically stated in this Maintenance Services Agreement or the Terms of Services, or at law.
  • All amounts are non-refundable unless specifically stated as being refundable in this Maintenance Services Agreement or the Terms of Services.

You can cancel the instalment plan by paying the full balance outstanding of the Purchase Price.

Please refer to the Purchasing Services section of our Terms of Services .

If you order any scheduled maintenance services and/or wear & tear work and this is carried out after the termination of this Maintenance Services Agreement, this will qualify as Additional Services to be charged according to the normal price and payment conditions of the Retailer workshop in question.

Retailer interaction and performance of Maintenance Service

When Maintenance Service is due for your car you will need to book a time with at any Volvo Cars Retailer in Portugal. You can use our Digital Booking service to make a booking or contact a Retailer.

Your Maintenance Services Agreement is valid for the MSA Period. Scheduled maintenance service is depending on time and annual mileage and can occur with different time intervals. For some Maintenance Service Agreements, certain wear and tear components of the vehicle are included.

Wear and tear repairs are subject to the professional judgement of the Retailer workshop and cannot be claimed by you unless the professional judgement of the Retailer Volvo workshop deems it necessary. The Retailer workshop is obliged to perform covered, needed, wear and tear operations without customer orders, in conjunction with Volvo Cars Genuine Service.

This Maintenance Services Agreement will automatically terminate without any prior notice when (a) the MSA Period has expired and the Purchase Price has been paid in full, or (b) a Maintenance Services should have occurred in accordance with the service intervals stated in the owner’s manual and service and warranty handbook of your car and you have not delivered your car to a Retailer for such service.

Your Maintenance Services Agreement is connected to your car. If there has been a change in ownership after the Maintenance Services Agreement was entered into, the MSA Period will remain valid. However, the obligation to pay any outstanding amounts to Volvo Cars pursuant to the Maintenance Services Agreement is personal to you. You are responsible for (a) informing a purchaser of your car about the terms of this Maintenance Services Agreement, and (b) any payment from the purchaser of the car for any outstanding balance or for any Instalments you have paid for the Maintenance Services.

The Maintenance Service Agreement is connected to the market in which it is originally sold. Scheduled Maintenance Service according to the Maintenance Service Agreement can be invoked optionally at any Volvo Car Retailer in that market.

The Retailer will perform its obligations during its normal business hours and within reasonable time from the time when you notified a service need to and made your car available for service at the Retailer.

Customer obligations

You must:

  • Ensure that your car is presented for Maintenance Service in accordance with the service programme applicable for your Volvo car.
  • Drive, maintain and manage your car in accordance with the instructions given in the owner’s manual of your car as well as its service and warranty handbook.
  • Conduct routine checks of oil level and other fluids in the vehicle between recommended service intervals and, if needed, fill up at your own expense.


Volvo Cars has the right to terminate this contract with immediate effect if the conditions for Volvo Car’s operations in the market change significantly due to circumstances outside of Volvo Car’s control and these circumstances significantly complicate Volvo Car’s ability to perform its duties according to this agreement. If this occurs Volvo Car will refund you for all and any amounts paid for Maintenance Services not performed.

The Parties have the right to terminate this Maintenance Services Agreement with immediate effect if the other party performs a material or repeated breach of its obligations under this Maintenance Services Agreement.

Volvo Cars has the right to terminate this Maintenance Services Agreement with immediate effect if you do not pay the Instalment on the due date and we have sent you at least two reminders. If we terminate the Maintenance Services Agreement, Volvo Cars will not refund you for any amounts already paid by you and Volvo Cars has the right to claim payment for any services that has been performed under this Maintenance Services Agreement prior to the termination.


Maintenance Services does not include any repair work, spare parts or consumables necessary to maintain the roadworthiness of your car (whether determined as a result of the Maintenance Services or otherwise), or any other work you agree with the Retailer to be performed by the Retailer (“Additional Services”). All Additional Services are subject to a separate agreement between you and the Retailer and Volvo Cars is not and will not be at any time a party to any agreement for Additional Services.

Only the wear and tear components that are specifically noted in the applicable Volvo Cars Genuine Service description are included, and all other wear and tear components are excluded.

Volvo cars with special service programmes for taxi, police or other specified purposes of usage are not covered by this Maintenance Service Agreement.


Volvo Cars is not liable for any costs, loss of income, loss of time or other damage, caused by you presenting your car to the Retailer or caused by you being unable to use your car during the time it has been in the care of the Retailer for Maintenance Services.