About Battery Disposal and Recycling

Volvo Cars has one of the most ambitious climate plans in the car industry. We aim to reduce our CO2 emissions per car by 40 percent by 2025, a first tangible step towards our long-term goal of becoming climate neutral by 2040. Our climate plan is about rethinking sustainability, and that goes beyond our operations and our cars, into society.

So our commitment does not end once a customer buys a car. Are you in the possession of one or more of our lithium-ion electric-vehicle battery or batteries, we will collect and take care of your batteries in line with all applicable rules and regulations in your region, as well as in accordance with our climate plan.

The batteries are recycled at special, designated battery recyclers to ensure that they are taken care of in a responsible way. This helps us to realise our ambitious climate plans, for example in terms of recovering and reusing raw materials from old batteries, and you don’t have to worry about the recycling process of your old battery.

Request Battery pick-up

So are you in possession of one or more Volvo Cars manufactured lithium-ion hybrid or electric vehicle batteries for recycling? We offer collection of Volvo-made lithium-ion batteries at an agreed location, to make it as convenient as possible. Simply request a battery pick-up by filling out our form. You will then be contacted to schedule a pick-up of your used battery/ batteries.

Request Battery pick-up

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I request a collection of any battery type?
The collection offer only applies to lithium-ion batteries that come from a hybrid or electric vehicles built by Volvo Cars. All other batteries are not part of this service.

Q: What happens to the battery after collection?
Depending on the status of the battery, we either service the battery for re-use or recycle it in a responsible way.

Q: I have multiple lithium-ion hybrid or electric vehicle batteries, can you collect all of them?
Yes, simply get in touch with us and request a pick-up.

Q: Why can’t I deliver the lithium-ion hybrid or electric vehicle battery myself
Lithium-ion batteries need to be handled with care when outside of the car. Our collectors will make sure the batteries are handled in line with all rules and regulations in your region and that they are transported to a special, designated battery recycler.