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Equipped to perform
Starting at MSRP $46,900


Sporty and sophisticated
Starting at MSRP $52,300


Sophisticated luxury
Starting at MSRP $59,450


The best of everything
Starting at MSRP $104,900

Volvo 2018 XC90 - Offer
2018 Volvo XC90 Offers

XC90 T5 Momentum*
$509 /39 Mo. $4,609 cash due at signing

XC90 T6 AWD Momentum Plus**
$589 /39 Mo. $4,689 cash due at signing

XC90 T8 Plug-in Hybrid eAWD Momentum***
$685 /39 Mo. $4,785 cash due at signing

Up to $3,000 in Allowances*
*Purchase and Finance: $3,000 includes application of $2,000 Volvo Allowance and $1,000 Loyalty Bonus.
T8 eAWD Plug-in Hybrid purchase qualifies for federal tax credit of $5,002. Please see dealer for details.

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The most-awarded luxury SUV of the century.

A beautifully handcrafted interior. Smart, intuitive safety features. Cutting-edge technology. 2018 Best Buy in its Class by Consumer Guide®. These are just a few of the reasons the XC90 has been named a top luxury SUV.
xc90 most awarded luxury suv of the century
volvo xc90 t5 exterior 7 seater right side rear view


This is our idea of luxury

Impressively large, without being boastful, the XC90 is relaxed and confident at the same time. Inside you’ll be greeted by a classic example of clean, modern, Scandinavian design, handcrafted from the finest materials. Nappa leather and flame birch wood sit alongside jewel-like controls. Another attractive feature of the XC90 is its excellent fuel economy, bettering that of either the Audi Q7 3.0T, BMW X5 or the Mercedes GLE350. And now, the T5 is equipped with seven seats, standard. Providing more space to sit and think and connect to the world on your terms.

Safety & Control

Safety comes first

From the company that gives you more safety features than any other brand, the XC90 is infused with smart, intuitive innovations. Standard City Safety auto-braking technology helps protect you and those around you. If a collision is imminent ahead, it will brake automatically, reducing impact – or preventing it altogether when you’re driving at speeds of 31 mph or less. 

Honored as one of the safest cars on the road, the XC90 is just one of the five Volvo vehicles that have been named a 2017 Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick+. 

Audio & Tech

Concert-quality sound

Whichever seat you’re in, our Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins audio system lets you hear the music you love just as the artists intended. Using 19 high-fidelity loudspeakers and an astonishing 1400 watts of state-of-the-art amplification, it’s an immersive experience with crystal-clear, powerful sound. Room mode functionality recreates the acoustic experience of the Gothenburg Concert Hall, a majestic stage or an epic recording studio.
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Luxury & Convenience

volvo xc90 interior t5 7 seater side view

The guest list has now been extended to seven.

The XC90 T5 is now standard with seven seats. Designed with spine support and superior comfort, these seats ensure every one of your passengers can now enjoy an unparalleled travel experience, even in the third row.
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The power of luxury

The XC90 comes with our top-of-the-line T8 Twin Engine powertrain, a plug-in hybrid that gives you exhilarating performance, efficiency and low emissions. With 400 horsepower, our turbocharged and supercharged Drive-E engine, combined with our smooth, advanced 8-speed automatic gearbox and powerful electric motor, offer the capability of a much larger engine but using much less fuel. The engine drives the front wheels and the electric motor powers the rear. This gives instantaneous acceleration and on-demand available Electric All-Wheel Drive (eAWD) functionality when you need it. 

Plus, multiple drive-modes offer precise control over the car’s powertrain. For example, Power Mode enables you to enjoy the fantastic performance of the XC90. And Individual Mode lets you combine modes to find your perfect sweet spot.

Aot only is the XC90 T8 the world's first 7-seat, 400HP, twin-engine, plug-in hybrid, but it qualifies for a Federal Tax credit of $5,002 and may be eligible for additional state and local incentives, including the $1,500 Clean Vehicle Rebate Program in California, so it’s good for the environment and your pocket

The XC90 is also available with our high-performance T5 and T6 powertrain engines for an awe-inspiring driving experience.



volvo xc90 exterior hybrid front view

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*The 2018 XC90 T8 PHEV qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit of $5,002 under current Federal Tax guidelines. This benefit may be obtained in different ways depending upon whether the vehicle is purchased or leased. These vehicles may also qualify for State incentives depending upon the State of residency. Please consult with your tax advisor for more details regarding specific State tax incentives.

Some images of the Volvo XC90 are not shown to U.S. specification and may show optional equipment and vehicle colors not available in the US market.