About us.

We’re in the midst of an urban evolution, a tech-enabled upgrade of how we live and work in cities. We have what we need in our pocket – food, culture, friends and more. What comes next is how we move: a shift from ownership to accessibility, creating the space for a more sustainable future.

The role of car-sharing in future urban development.

Cities are growing faster than ever—by 2050, over 70% of the world’s population will live in metro and urban areas. As our surroundings become increasingly dense and diverse, we need more innovative and personalized solutions to ease our everyday. And we’re well on our way: we order groceries online, stream music and movies from our phone, and FaceTime family from thousands of miles away.

Yet, when it comes to cars, our options are often expensive or unreliable. Cities around the world are imploding with cars which sit idle at least 95% of the time. Urban car ownership takes up time, money, and space that few people can spare. And with the technology available today, we can build a better way to access cars in cities.


“Our mission is to enable more people to move–freely, meaningfully, sustainably.”

Volvo On Demand is smart car sharing. From an hour to a weekend, unlock the time, space, and experience you want with a car when and where you need it. A service that understands you, Volvo On Demand gets better with every trip so you can focus on what matters, while we do the rest.

Volvo On Demand starts with the everyday, seamlessly supporting urban life on-the-go. As we further this shift from ownership to accessibility, we look to reimagine the streetscape and reclaim space for cities. Already today, we know that every shared car with Volvo On Demand replaces up to eight privately owned cars. We believe in a more sustainable future, one with more space for people and the lives we want to lead.

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Freedom in mobility.

Volvo On Demand is your car, when and where you need it. Simply swipe to unlock and access the freedom to move that only a car can provide.

Meaningful mobility.

Volvo On Demand is a service that understands you with an aim to enrich your everyday life. Use the time, money, and space you save to do more of what you love.

Sustainable travel.

Volvo On Demand provides personal, dependable, shared access to cars—ultimately reducing the number of privately owned cars and reclaiming space for cities to reimagine.