Partnership for sustainable cities.

For too long, our lives and cities have revolved around cars. It’s time for that to change. At Volvo On Demand, we believe that smart, human-centered technology can help us reclaim the space, time, and money that would otherwise be taken up by traditionally-owned vehicles.

Create sustainable value in property development.

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Brand value

Act as a progressive company in a traditional industry. And make the area more attractive to live and work in.

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Business value

Volvo On Demand offers strategic partnerships to enable developers to reduce their parking spots.

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Market relevance

Create a competitive advantage by providing sustainable lifestyle options to residents.

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Drive urban transformation.

The mobility challenge is one of the world’s cities’ most important topics. In 2050, over 70% of the world’s population is estimated to live in cities. When planning cities today, we don’t want cars at all, but everyone knows we need them for our freedom to move. When planning a new district, the basis is always public transport that is supplemented with scooters for shorter trips and shared cars for tasks that need a car.

We’d love to have you with us on this journey.

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Smart driving with car-sharing.

Our platform is developed to continuously improve the availability of cars through dynamic scheduling. This makes it possible to efficiently match a car as close to the user as possible regarding time, location, and car model.

And when there’s always a shareable car nearby, whenever needed, we can reduce the number of cars in our cities and shape a more sustainable future.

Step into the future of urban planning.

Are you interested in a greener neighborhood? We can help you get there. Just fill in the contact form below.

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Make more space

Reduce the need for parking spots and your construction cost.

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Flexible mobility

The need to own a car decreases—but accessibility remains high.

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A greener city

Opportunities to make more room for the living, storage, and bike rooms.

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Every shared car from Volvo On Demand replaces the need for up to 11 privately owned cars.

Read more about our sustainability work.

By sharing cars, Volvo On Demand has made it possible to reclaim 163,000 m2 (approximately 23 football fields) for other purposes, such as more green infrastructure or living space.

This is how much space we’ve freed up in each region:

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Nya Ullevi


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Folkets Park


Man in the driver's seat of a Volvo car holds the steering wheel and drives the car through a city.

Lower the parking norm for a more sustainable future.

Utilize land in new and innovative ways with Volvo On Demand. And save both money and space when building for shared mobility.

Read more at Viable Cities and Dagens Industri.

Partnership for sustainable cities.