What if more people use fewer cars?

We’re out to challenge old thinking and put ideas in motion that improve resource efficiency.


Cars were made to move. But most of the time, they stand still.

The average privately owned car is actually parked 95% of the time.

In Sweden, there’s more space for cars than there is for people.


The average living space per person is 42 m2...


...while parking space per person amounts to 50 m2.

However, by sharing cars, we can turn those numbers around.

In fact, every car from Volvo On Demand replaces the need for up to 11 privately owned cars.

163 000m2

In Sweden, Volvo On Demand’s contribution to replacing the need for cars can be compared to freeing up 163,000 m2 of urban space.

That’s almost 23 full-size football fields.

Making fewer cars go further.


We asked our active users about their driving habits after joining Volvo On Demand.

Almost half of them say they drive less.


of our customers used public transport as much, or more.


walked or cycled more.

Illustration av fyra kompisar promenerar tittar på sin telefon och skrattar.
20 300tons of CO2

In 2022, Volvo On Demand showed an estimated reduction of about 20,300 tons of CO2 from tailpipe emissions in Sweden.

That’s 8,000 roundtrip flights from Sweden to Thailand.

Tre kvinnor med inslagna paket påväg att lastas i en Volvo.

But wait. There’s more.

Our mission to unlock a better world, making Volvo cars shareable and giving millions of people access to them, has just begun.

If you want to get the whole picture, just dig into our newly released sustainability report.